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In contrast to competitive products, which only deliver 2 or 3 wipes, can also be used to process heavily yellowed headlamps with QUIXX HRK?
Yes, all yellowing and light to medium scratches on the outside of plastic headlamps of standard cars can be removed with QUIXX HRK.
Is the headlight restoration with QUIXX HRK permanent?
Depending on the frequency of renewal of the protective layer by means of QUIXX sealing, the treatment usually lasts for 1-4 years. Unfortunately, QUIXX can not guarantee this here because too much depends on material, environmental influences and the frequency of car wash care.
Restoration using QUIXX HRK can be repeated over and over again. If the yellowing slowly returns, timely treatment can avoid sanding. Polishing and sealing are then sufficient.
Can the sandpaper be used several times?

If the sandpaper is washed out in water immediately after use, it can be used several times, making it suitable for multiple operations / applications.

How many headlamps can be processed with QUIXX HRK?
Depending on the size of the headlamps and the individual material used during polishing, up to X average headlamps can be processed. The polishing paste is very economical and can therefore be used relatively sparingly.
Is treatment with QUIXX HRK legal?
Contrary to the treatment with a grinding machine and clear coat, as some competitors offer, the preparation with QUIXX HRK by several TÜV auditors is considered have been designated.
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