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Can longer scratches be removed?

Generally yes. Only this is very tedious.

Does QUIXX PSR use color to fill the scratches?

No, the paint is heated by vigorous polishing, spread and the scratch thus closed.

Are there any damages left around the scratch?

No, Finish 2 will polish the treated area again.

How long does the treatment with QUIXX PSR last?

The repair is permanent, as no wax pen or other temporary filler is used.

How long does the treatment with QUIXX PRP last?

Permanently. The clear coat remains on the damaged area if it could network for a few days.


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To what depth can scratches be successfully removed? o Scratches in the clear coat can be removed (almost) without residue.

Scratches that extend into the paint layer can be largely removed.

Deeper scratches can be at least partially removed.

Is it really possible to remove the small scratches caused by the use of the abrasive paper?
Does QUIXX PRP use color to fill the scratches?

No, the scratch is sealed with clear lacquer.

Is the scratch completely removed by using the QUIXX PRP?

No, you will still see the scratch. However, it will be closed and the sheet will be protected against corrosion. The damaged area will look better than before.

Can the QUIXX PRP be used for rockfalls?
Yes, that works very well. In addition, the QUIXX PRP can be used for the final treatment of damaged areas that have been repaired using manufacturer paint pen. In addition, a combination with QUIXX PSR is very possible.
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