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Paint Scratch Remover

QUIXX Do-it-Yourself Scratch Remover enables  you to repair paintwork damage effectively and virtually in the blink of an eye.

Acrylic Scratch Remover

QUIXX Acrylic Scratch Remover is a true all-rounder: It reliably removes scratches from acrylic and plexiglass surfaces.

Glass Repair Polish

A long scratch in your windshield because you had the grand idea to clean off the snow with a metal snow shovel.

Paint Repair Pen

And a moment’s carelessness with the shopping trolley can really spoil your mood when it leaves scratches in the car door paintwork.

Headlight Restoration Kit
Headlight Restoration Kit

Cloudiness and yellowing drastically reduces headlight brightness. The luminosity is significantly reduced and visibility in the dark becomes progressively worse.

Windschield Repair Kit

During the annual roadworthiness inspection TÜV/Dekra inspectors may fail a vehicle because of stone chips in the windshield.

Wheel Repair Kit

Scratched or chipped alloy rims detract from the appearance of any vehicle.

Dent Repair Kit

Did you know that a fresh, dent-free paintwork increases the value of a car by several hundred euros? So what should I do? Become your own bodywork repair mechanic!

Metal Restoration Kit

The QUIXX Metal Restoration Kit is the ultimate product to restore aged or rusted metal surfaces to their original beauty.

Black Tyre Colour

This simple to apply paint makes tyres look fresh and can increase the sale value of your vehicle by several hundred euros.

Black Plastic Colour

Could your car do with a little make-up? QUIXX Black Plastic Colour brings the fresh look back to your vehicle.