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Scratch removal

Has this happened to you? Where did the shopping trolley that I just scraped my car along appear from? Or has my underground parking space suddenly become narrower overnight? That grating noise you hear as the paintwork is being scratched is extremely unpleasant.


One careless moment and it happens!

The brand new car has a scratch in the paintwork. Damaged to the plastic window of a mobile home or caravan due to a branch protruding into the lane on a holiday island. Or a long scratch in your windshield because you had the grand idea to clean the snow off your vehicle with a metal snow shovel.

Scratches are extremely annoying 

Scratches and scrapes do not go down well on the tank of your beloved Harley or treasured classic car form 1965. Scratches in a motorcycle screen also impair visibility and should be repaired quickly. 

All in all, scratches in paint, acrylic or glass are annoying and simply trying to polish out the damage with common household products such as toothpaste etc. or conventional car polishes simply does not work in the vast majority of cases.  This costs money and time and the result are disappointing.

QUIXX can solve your scratch problem! 

There is a solution: QUIXX Do-it-Yourself Scratch Remover enables  you to repair paintwork damage effectively and virtually in the blink of an eye. Even people with no experience of handiwork can achieve professional quality results.  You vehicle looks as good as new and any unsightly damage is gone!

The easy to understand instruction manual and video guide developed by repair professionals explain every step in the repair process, enabling even inexperienced repairers to achieve professional results on all paint surfaces, even metallic, whether in white, black, silver or other colours and on acrylics and glass. The best thing is: You also save a considerable amount of money.

By the way: Did you know that most scratches on door handles are caused by women? Of course this is purely unintentional; because ladies tend to wear rings and have long fingernails that sometimes scrape across the paintwork when opening the car door, they carry handbags that have zips that lead to minor but irritating scratches (and quarrels) when unlocking and getting into the car.

In any vehicle the area around the driver, passenger and rear doors is susceptible to damage, either because small stones lodged on the soles of the shoes damage the paint on the door sills. Or because zip fasteners scratch the car paint when the children are being lifted in and out.

The fuel filler cap and its surroundings is area where damage is frequently found. Take care: Leaning against the car whilst refuelling can cause scratches from rivets on jeans or jacket buttons. Even if they are not obvious but can only be seen when the tailgate is open: Many car owners, particularly commercial owners who lease out their vehicles, scratches in the car boot load edge caused by shopping bags, packing boxes, beverage crates, skis, etc., are a real thorn in the side and may also reduce the resale value of the vehicle.

A paradox: Objects often get damaged when they are brand new and sometimes the fault of the paint damage is not even yours: A marten scrambles down the bonnet, or vandals or other jokers have scratched on your vehicle. And you know the feeling; as soon as the car has its first scratch it doesn’t feel new any more.

Paint repair – made quick and easy.

But don't worry, at QUIXX we know what to do! There's a reason why our motto is Repair it. Yourself!  Depending on the type and extent of the damage our products can save a lot of money. Because body shops often charge several hundred euros to eliminate a scratch and your car may be in the garage for several days.

The QUIXX Paint Repair Pen is suitable for longer, deeper scratches, for example on the bodyside or bonnet of the vehicle.  Slightly deeper scratches in the paintwork are not only unsightly, if the scratch reaches down to the bare sheet metal then rust is likely to develop at some time.

Also for scratches in mobile homes & boats.

Camping van and caravan owners could write a book about this: The access route to a beautiful and remote camping space is very narrow and, of course, a low-hanging or protruding branch can damage the side of the vehicle - not only the paint, but also the plastic windows.

And there is nothing that boat owners hate more than scratches in their boat or yacht cabin and if you are lucky enough to have one scratches in aircraft windows are also a real irritation.

Defects in bathtubs or car rims disappear.

A more realistic problem is unsightly damage to acrylic bathtubs and acrylic glass doors or furniture that are easily defaced. Another problem are ugly scratches in light alloy rims after an unintentional encounter with the curb: Scratched aluminium rims seriously spoil a vehicle’s appearance - especially if they include more severe damage and material chipping. With our QUIXX Wheel Rim Repair Kit the wheel can be quickly and easily restored and there is no need buy replacements right away…

Anyone involved in car tuning, vehicle conditioning or is a classic car fan can benefit from the versatility of QUIXX repair products, which can effectively deal with many types of damage not only in the paint, but also in plastic or metal parts. Yippie – I can’t wait to start.

Check how deep the scratch is.

You can feel the depth of the scratch using the fingernail test: Carefully draw a fingernail over the scratch:

  • If only the top layer – that is the clear coat - is damaged and the scratch cannot be felt then it is usually possible to polish out this type of scratch yourself using car polish.
  • If your fingernail catches in the scratch then this area is too deep to be polished out: In this case QUIXX  Repair products such as QUIXX Paint Scratch Remover and the  QUIXX Paint Repair Pen can help you.