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Dent Repair Kit

With the QUIXX Dent Repair Kit you can quickly remove ugly dents and hail damage from most parts of the vehicle bodywork without damaging the surface. The best thing is: You avoid an expensive visit to the bodyshop and increase the resale value of your vehicle. Become your own bodywork repair mechanic and repair almost any dent no matter the cause. 

Product details:

  • Simple, fast and effective do-it-yourself use
  • Suitable for most dents in flat body areas
  • Removes dents without damaging the paint
  • Developed and used by repair professionals
  • Avoids expensive repairs and maintains value
  • Let's get started: The all-inclusive kit contains all the utensils you need for making repairs. 
  • Contents: 1 bridge dent puller, 3 pulling pads /drawing pads (in different sizes), 1 hot glue gun, 2 special glue sticks and 1 plastic pin for removing glue residues

How to do!

Say goodbye to dents with the QUIXX Dent Repair Kit! We will show you how to get rid of unsightly dents in our Step by Step Repair Guide.

Click your way through the pictures on the right to go through the repair process step by step.


1. Clean the surface of the damaged area with a damp, clean cloth. Prepare the hot glue gun. Choose a pulling pad suitable for the size of the dent (the larger the pulling pad, the greater the pulling force - the size of the pulling pad must be smaller than the size of the dent).

2. Now apply a generous amount of hot-melt adhesive to the pulling pad. Make sure that all four holes in the pulling pad are filled with glue, immediately place the pulling pad in the centre of the dent and hold it until it sticks. Allow the adhesive to harden for approx. 8 minutes.

3. Feed the threaded rod in the centre of the pulling pad through the hole in the bridge dent puller.  Then screw the knob onto the thread on the pulling pad rod. Slowly turn the knob in a clockwise direction until the dent pops out.

4. Carefully remove any residual adhesive with the plastic pen. Polish the surface and you're done! 


The ideal outside temperature range for removing dents is between 18-30 degrees Celsius.

If the temperature is lower, repair the dents in a heated garage or warm the surface with a hair-dryer.

If the dent does not disappear completely, repeat the procedure until the desired result has been achieved. (Note: Not all dents can be repaired 100%).

Did you know that a fresh, dent-free paintwork increases the value of a car by several hundred... more
Product information "Dent Repair Kit"

Did you know that a fresh, dent-free paintwork increases the value of a car by several hundred euros? On the other hand, having a dent repaired in an automotive bodyshop can cost several hundred euros. 

So what should I do? Become your own bodywork repair mechanic!

You don't need as much manual skill as you might think. And you don’t need any special tools because they are already included in our QUIXX Dent Repair Kit.

Sounds good? Then you'd better get started. Don’t get upset about the dent in your car caused by your son, your wife or even yourself!

What you need is a free hour and a place to work in. Whether in the driveway or is a spacious garage, you need nothing more than the practical tools provided in our dent repair kit. The dent repair kit even includes the hot glue gun.

In most cases the repaired dent doesn`t even need repainting. The dent is simply pulled out or it springs back to its original shape due to the pulling force.

With the dent removed you’ll no longer have to put up with the condescending looks from other road users.


Cold paint is brittle and very easily breaks off, so the repair should be carried out in a heated building or at summer temperatures.

Available downloads:
The most important questions and answers. mehr

Can also very small bumps of door edges of other vehicles be repaired?

This is difficult to impossible.

Can dents in plastic parts be pulled out?

Generally yes. It helps to heat the plastic beforehand by means of a hair dryer.

Up to what maximum diameter can dents be pulled out?

With the QUIXX dents repair kit, dents with a diameter of up to 13cm can be pulled out.

From which minimum diameter can dents be pulled out?

The diameter of the dent should be greater than the diameter of the respective tension plate by 13cm.