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Black Plastic Colour


The QUIXX Black Plastic Colour gives your vehicle a fresh new look: After a short time plastic automotive parts begin to look grey, matt, weathered and old. Most affected are bumpers, wheel arch covers and trim strips on doors and boot lids. While other products only manage to restore the look to these parts for a limited period, the black polymer technology in QUIXX Black Plastic Colour offers the impression of deep rich colour for up to 12 months.  

Product details: 

  • Gives plastic parts a new, deep black gleaming appearance without damp or sticky surfaces.
  • Simple, fast and effective application 
  • Avoids expensive repairs and maintains value
  • The special High Performing Protecting Coat protects against dirt and UV radiation.
  • The perfect way to renew your vehicle’s look and give it a fresh appearance, even after many years of use.
  • Let's get started: The all-inclusive kit contains all the utensils you need for making repairs.
  • Contents: 1 black plastic colour, 2 special sponges and 1 pair of disposable gloves

How to do!

The QUIXX Black Plastic Colour gives plastic parts a fresh new look. We will show you how to how to treat faded, grey, matt and weathered surfaces in our Step by Step Repair Guide.

Click your way through the pictures on the right to go through the repair process step by step.


1. Clean the surface to be treated with a detergent before use, then rinse them thoroughly with water and let them dry completely.

2. Apply masking tape to the areas adjacent to the plastic surfaces to prevent them from coming into contact with the paint during application.

3. Put on the gloves enclosed before using the plastic paint. Shake the bottle well. Then apply the product to the plastic surfaces evenly and thinly using the sponge enclosed. Remove the masking tape once the colour has dried. Finished!

4. The result should look like this: The bumper looking clean and fresh once more! Tip: Any residue can easily be removed with solvent (ethyl alcohol).

Faded plastic parts make a vehicle look old and unkempt. The blazing sun, salt on the streets... more
Product information "Black Plastic Colour"

Faded plastic parts make a vehicle look old and unkempt. The blazing sun, salt on the streets and detergents used in car washes all have a detrimental effect on bumpers, exterior mirrors, door handles and trim strips - they weather and become matt and grey. Even in the interior areas the former attractive appearance of the black plastic around the doors and the dashboard fades over time.

There are a number of products on the market that may refresh the colour for a short time. Some auto forums even recommend using black shoe polish or sun cream. But none of these recommendations last: The next downpour of rain or visit to the car wash will quickly wash away these attractive results. And these remedies are incapable of bringing the desired clean and durable finish.

When preparing a vehicle for resale faded plastic parts are given special attention; the refreshed appearance of the plastic parts can add a few hundred euros to the resale price. But engaging a professional for this treatment costs money - which you can save with confidence!

Using QUIXX Black Plastic Colour you can quite easily treat your vehicle yourself and achieve professional results. The ground breaking QUIXX Black Polymer Technology restores weathered parts to a deep black glossy colour. The colour dries quickly, does not attract dust and lasts up to 12 months after treatment. The special High Performing Protecting Coat also protects against dirt and UV radiation.

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How long does the color last?

Depending on the weather and the frequency of car wash care, approx. 12 months. Contradicts the statement on the packaging!

Can residues be removed on surrounding areas?

Yes, residues can be removed with alcohol (ethyl alcohol).