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New sex appeal for old wheels

For many of us it's once again time to change to winter tyres. However, the once beloved, but now somewhat spent summer rims should not simply be thrown into the nearest spare space in the cellar, or sent off unnoticed to a cheap tyre storage facility. Damaged alloy wheels need a lot of love and a little QUIXX if they are to impart a "spring fever" feeling again next year. In many cases the once loving relationship can still be saved even when the first small cracks in the aluminium start to show through or the once jet-black tyres show more than a hint of grey. With the QUIXX Wheel Repair Kit you can easily minor scrapes with the curb and similar rim damage yourself. And our Black Tyre Colour restores a dark complexion to faded tyre sidewalls for up to six months.

Most people who drive experience some type of wheel rim damage at one time or another. But purchasing new alloy wheels every time would be extremely expensive and not very environmentally sustainable. However, to a certain extent it is not that difficult to repair them yourself with the QUIXX Wheel Repair Kit. The secret lies in the innovative QUIXX repair paste with "liquid" aluminium LAT (Liquid Aluminium Technology), which is applied by hand and hardens quickly and securely.

A brief summary to illustrate just how easy the repair process is: Clean the damaged area, mask it off, and smooth it with the sandpaper supplied using the sanding block. Clean again and allow to dry. Then apply the repair compound, using your finger and the side of a craft knife to re-model the rim contours. Now leave to harden for two hours and then wet sand the area until the contours are a perfect match. Wash off the treated area once again and let it dry. Now apply several thin coats of the rim paint with a brush and leave to dry for 2 to 3 hours. For the perfect finish, repeat the wet sanding process. One last tip: Smaller imperfections can be treated just simply by sanding and repainting.

Now revive the tyres back to their original rich black colour

Because beautiful rims only really gleam when they are matched with beautiful tyres. QUIXX Black Tyre Colour gives faded tyres a brand new look. Dries quickly, is not sticky and does not gather dust. The anti-ageing process for your tyres is completed in just a few simple steps and takes no time at all (video tutorial). How it's done:  Clean the sidewall thoroughly and let it dry, mask the wheel rims, put on gloves, shake the bottle well: Use the sponge provided to apply the product thinly and evenly to the outer sidewalls. In no time the once greying tyres are deep black and silky matt. Treated tyres are also effectively protected for up to six months against UV radiation and harmful environmental influences, as well as having an improved resistance to rain and car washes.

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