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Refresh the colour

Faded plastic on the exterior of the vehicle or on the tyres makes a car look old and neglected. The blazing sun, salt on the streets and detergents used in car washes all have a detrimental effect on parts - they weather and become matt and grey.


But we have what you need.

Although there are some products that can restore the colour for a short time, most of these treatments are not permanent: The next downpour of rain or visit to the car wash will quickly wash away these attractive results. Household remedies from black shoe polish to suntan lotion, which are recommended in some car forums, also do not produce the desired clean and long-lasting result. When preparing a vehicle for resale faded bumpers, exterior mirror housings, sills and tyre coatings are given special attention; the refreshed appearance of the parts can add a few hundred euros to the resale price. But engaging a professional for this treatment of course costs money - which you can save with confidence!

The best thing is: The colour is very durable.

QUIXX Black Plastic Colour and the QUIXX Black Tyre Paint restore weathered parts to a deep black colour. The ground breaking  QUIXX Black Polymer Technology gives plastic parts a new, deep black glossy appearance without leaving damp or sticky surfaces. The paint dries quickly and does not attract dust.

Preparing like a professional

But engaging a professional for this treatment of course costs money - which you can save with confidence!

Private owners can restore their vehicle like a professional with only one application using our QUIXX colour fresheners.

The best thing is: The colour is very long-lasting and durable. It stays fresh for up to 12 months after the treatment (tyres 6 months). The special High Performing Protecting Coat also protects against dirt and UV radiation.

You do not need any previous knowledge for the vehicle "Make-up". Any layperson can apply it with very satisfactory results. Tyres and plastic parts must be absolutely clean and dry in order to achieve optimum results.

It is essential (and probably the longest part of the restoration) to tape the untreated areas cleanly so that the black paint does not accidentally colour other parts.

Wear the gloves included in the all-inclusive kit and start right away with the special sponges!

There is certainly enough you can to do: besides bumpers and tyres you can also make wheel arch covers or trims on doors and boot lids appear like new again. One kit of black tyre colour is sufficient for approx. 8 to 12 tyres.