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Paint Scratch Remover


The QUIXX Paint Scratch Remover removes scratches, small scratches and traces of colour quickly, effectively and reliably from all shiny and metallic varnishes. No matter how careful you are – scratches in the paint can not be avoided in the long run. A careless moment and the car had contact with a shopping cart. Or a zipper is scraped over the varnish when refuelling. . . annoying! But no problem for the Dekra-sealed product.

   Product details:  

  • 2 component system with an abrasive paste (Repair no.1) and special polish (Finish no.2)
  • Simple, fast and effective application in two steps
  • Enhanced efficacy through Plastic Deformation Technology (PDT) 
  • Professional quality results 
  • Avoids expensive repairs and maintains value
  • Let's get started: The all-inclusive kit contains all the utensils you need for making repairs. 
  • Contents: Repair No.1, Finish No.2, professional polishing cloths and 3000 sandpaper

How to do!

Our Step by Step Repair Guide explains clearly how to remove scratches, minor scrapes and paint marks quickly, effectively and reliably from all gloss and metallic paintwork using our QUIXX Paint scratch remover.

Click your way through the pictures on the right to go through the repair process step by step.

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1. Lay out both pastes (Repair No.1) and special polish (Finish No.2), the sandpaper according to its grain size and the white polishing cloths so that they are ready to hand. Also useful is a bowl of water for moistening the sandpaper and some paper towels. First, wash the surface to be treated with a suitable cleaner (such as a mild household cleaner) and dry it thoroughly. For light scratches, start directly with Step 2.

2. Remove any water and abrasive residues left over from Step 1. Apply a little QUIXX Repair No. 1 to the scratch. Now polish the scratched area for about two minutes using QUIXX Repair No. 1 and the first polishing cloth applying firm pressure and with a fast circular motion until all traces of the scratch have completely disappeared. 

3. Now it's time for polishing: Using the QUIXX Repair No. 2 paste and special polishing cloth polish the repaired area for about two minutes applying firm pressure and using a fast circular motion. Tip: The greater the pressure that is applied during the polishing process the better and faster the QUIXX Repair system polishing pastes will work.

4. Inspect the result. The area that was damaged should now have regained its original beauty and truly shine.  If necessary, reapply from step 1 or 2. Take care when treating the damaged area with the sandpaper. Never abrade the same spot for more than 15 seconds or rub down to the primer.

One careless moment and it happens: The brand new car has a scratch in the paintwork.  Has... mehr
Produktinformationen "Paint Scratch Remover"

One careless moment and it happens: The brand new car has a scratch in the paintwork.  Has this happened to you? Where did the shopping trolley that I just scraped my car along appear from? Or has my underground parking space suddenly become narrower overnight?  That grating noise you hear as the paintwork is being scratched is extremely unpleasant…

Scratches and scrapes do not go down well on the tank of your beloved Harley or treasured classic car form 1965.

QUIXX will solve your paintwork problem!

A professional repair is very expensive - so why not just do it yourself? With QUIXX's Do-it-Yourself Scratch Remover you can effectively and economically repair damaged paintwork yourself.  The easily understandable instruction manual and video guide developed by repair professionals explain every step in the repair process, enabling even inexperienced repairers to achieve professional results on all paint surfaces, even metallic, whether in white, black, silver or other colours.  Our promise: You vehicle will look as good as new and any unsightly damage will be gone!

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