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Wheel Cleaning Brush

Wheel Cleaning Brush
Wheel Cleaning Brush with drill

QUIXX Wheel Cleaning Brush

QUIXX High-Performance Wheel Cleaning Brush "Twister"

  • Quickly and effortlessly removes stubborn dirt and burnt-on dust without scratches
  • Best cleaning performance due to over 10,000 high-tech cleaning brushes
  • Effective brush structure leads to cleaning results in professional quality
  • Gentile cleaning is possible with water only or in combination with a wheel cleaner
  • Suitable for all rim surfaces (plastic / paint / chrome / steel / aluminium)
  • Allows easy cleaning of the entire rim - even behind the spokes
  • Easy application with every cordless screw driller / drilling machine
  • Versatile use (Cars, Motorcycles and Bicycles):
    easy and fast cleaning of wheels/rims, radiator grills, spoilers, side skirts, headlights, windshields, etc.
  • All-Inclusive-Kit contains everything required for application