Car care

2-Step Paint Scratch Remover

The QUIXX Plastic Deformation
Technology (PDT):

1. Dissolving the surface:

After applying the QUIXX special polish to the scratched area, the clear paint is lightly dissolved.

2. Plastic deformation and filling the scratch:

The QUIXX repair polishes contain specially developed, extra-fine and extremely hard polishing agents.

Due to its spherical shape, during polishing a very high pressure is applied locally on the surface.

Thereby, high strain occurs in the paint that exceeds the elastic limit and the material now begins plastic deformation (to "flow").

Thus, as it were, the paint material is "massaged" into the scratches.

3. Round edges and smooth surfaces:

In addition, the corners and edges of the scratch are ground and rounded off by the polishing agent, so that a smooth and homogeneous surface again emerges.