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Dent Repair-Kit

QUIXX Dent Repair-Kit

Thanks to the QUIXX Dent Repair-Kit ugly dents and dings in your car-body will be gone in no time. This product helps avoiding expensive repairs at car-body shops and supports retention of value by a simple DIY solution.

  • Professional quality DIY dent repair kit
  • Removes dents without damaging the paint
  • Suitable for most dents in flat car body areas
  • Simple and fast application
  • Developed and used by repair professionals
  • Helps avoid costly repairs and maintains value
  • All-Inclusive-Kit: contains everything you need for the repair process

RRP: 19,95 €

Dents happen quickly and unexpectedly. Just a moment of abstraction while parking or opening a door of your car and a dent or ding is there. And how annoying are damages caused by hail! The QUIXX Dent Repair-Kit, developed by car body professionals, provides a quick and inexpensive remedy for dent problems. If the paint of your car has not been damaged by the dent it can be flattened also by non-professionals with the QUIXX Dent Repair-Kit.